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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is included in the venue hire fee?
A: - The venue hire fee covers use of the Johnston Suite, (a total of 3 rooms), the Baroque Chapel and the Great Hall . We will supply 6 ft circular dining tables, 600 chairs, coat racks, stage, pods and podium in addition to on site personnel who will be looking after your event as it takes place. However, flowers, linen, candles etc. are arranged in association with the catering company.

Q: Can the different rooms be hired out individually?
A: - We have a policy of only hosting one event at any one time within the building, therefore any client booking the RHK reserves the entire North Range. We do not hire out the different rooms individually.

Q: Is smoking permitted in the North Range?
A: - No, smoking is not permitted in the North Range.

Q: At what time must guests be off the premises?
A: - Guests must be off the premises by 2:00am.

Q: What size are the boards for the table plan?
A: - The dimensions of the boards are as follows - 90cm sq including the frame, 80.75cm sq without the frame.

Q: Are there parking facilities?
A: - We have complimentary car parking facilities for over 400 cars.

Q: Can the windows be blacked out and does the Royal Hospital Kilmainham arrange AV?
A: - We can erect blackout material in the Great Hall but not the Baroque Chapel but each client must arrange their own AV. Please bear in mind that once the blackout material has been erected it will stay in place for the duration of the event.

Q: Which AV companies have been used in the RHK in the past?
A: - AVCom: Tel: +353 1 2957213 Email: avcom@avcom.ie,  Website: www.avcom.ie; Pearl Communications: Tel:  +353 1 6230038, Email: info@pearlav.ie, Website: www.pearlav.com; AVTEK Solutions Ltd: Tel: +353 1 294 1677, Email: info@avtek.ie, Website: www.avtek.ie.

Q: Which Entertainment consultants were used by RHK in the past?
A: -  John Brady Entertainment: John Brady, Tel: 01-4995084, Email: info@jbe.ie, Website: www.jbe.ie; Seaver Ryan Entertainment Ltd: Noel Ryan, Tel & Fax: +353 1 2602986, Email: noel@seaverryan.ie,Website: www.seaverryan.ie; Sheil Entertainment Agency: Susie Sheil, Tel: +353 1 402 41689, Mob: +353 87 2897021, Email: info@sheilentertainmentagency.com, Website: www.sheilentertainmentagency.com.

Q: Is there any Event Consultant that has looked after previous functions in the RHK that you would recommend?
A: Lorraine Bond has organised countless events at the RHK in the past. Her pleasing manner and keen attention to detail singles her out from her competitors. Lorraine can be contacted at 00353 8724 25940.

Q: Which design company has been used in the RHK previously?
A: - GDS:Michael Breen, Tel: 01 452 1122, Email: mbreen@gds.ie

Q: Which florists have been used RHK in the past?
A: - Floral Events: Thomas Lee, Tel: +353 1 7078927, Mob: +353 87 220 4754, Email: thomas@floralevents.ie, Website: www.floralevents.ie; Blooming Amazing: Heather Burke, Tel: +353 1 491 0233, Email: info@bloomingamazing.ie, Website: www.bloomingamazing.ie; Flowers by Moira: Jenny Murphy, Tel: +353 1 8359948 / +353 87 239 7899, Email: info@flowersbymoira.com, Website: www.flowersbymoira.com.

Q: What hotel would clients of the RHK regularly use?
A: - Clients of the RHK frequently use either of the following 4 star hotels: Hilton Hotel: Deirdre Moriarty,Tel: +353 1 420 1800, Email: deirdre.moriarty@hilton.com, Website: www.hilton.co.uk/dublinkilmainham;
Ashling Hotel Dublin: Corrinne Hasson, Sales and Marketing Manager; T: +353 1 6772324; Email: corrinne@ashlinghotel.ie; Website: www.ashlinghotel.ie.

Q: Which Lighting technicians have been used RHK in the past?
A: - Andrew Leonard, Tel: +353 (0)1-280 5386 / +353 (0)86-2594431, Email: leonardlighting@esatclear.ie; Bernard Griffin, Tel: +353 (0)1-2196297 / +353 (0)86-2574403, E-mail: bernardgriffin@eircom.net;

Q: Can you recommend a Chauffeur Company?
A: - Crowne Chauffeur Services: Colm Hanratty. Tel: +353(0) 1 524 0192, Mob: + 353 (0) 86 242 5003, Email: colmhanratty@crownecs.ie,Website: www.crownecs.ie

Q: Can signage or other objects be attached to the interior or exterior walls of the building?
A: - All signage must be free standing and absolutely nothing must be attached to the interior or exterior walls of the building.

Q: Power points and phase power?
A: - We have an ample number of power points and three phase power in two locations.

Q: Is it possible to use smoke, dry ice or naked flame?
A: - Use of such material is strictly prohibited.

Q: Can we arrange for a dancefloor, what size is it and how much will it cost?
A: - A dancefloor, 18 x 20 ft is available to hire at a cost of 320 euros plus 23% VAT. This dancefloor is placed on top of the red carpet in the Great Hall, the red carpet itself is never lifted. In the Baroque Chapel, guests may choose between dancing on the Liscannor Slates or providing the dancefloor.

Q: What are the dimensions of the podium?
A: - The podium is 47 inches high, 27 inches wide and 15 ¾ deep.

Q: What are the Royal Hospital Kilmainham's procedures in regard to insurance?
A: - Each client must have their own insurance in place up to an indemnity limit of 6.3 million euros. Documentation of such must be given to the RHK Events office two weeks prior to your event. If you don't have indemnity up to the required level you can choose to come under our policy at a special rate of €200.00 per day.

Q: How do I book, and how long will a provisional booking be held without a deposit?
A: - A provisional booking of space will be held for up to 14 days after which a deposit is required to confirm the reservation. If the booking is not secured at this time, it will be released without prior notice.

Q: Which production companies have been used in the RHK?
A: - Euroevents - www.euroevents.ie; Hanley Event Group - www.events.ie.

Q: Is it possible to leave equipment overnight after a function at no extra charge?
A: - It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that all their belongings and equipment is removed directly after their event.  Failure to do so will automatically result in a penalty charge of €500.00.


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